Canyon Port’s Harbor Island facility is a private, deep-water port complex located at the entrance of the Corpus Christi ship channel, near the intersection of the Intracoastal Waterway. The site is conveniently located on Highway 361 adjacent to the Aransas ferry.

Under Canyon leadership the repurposed facility has been completely renovated to a state of the art deep-water port providing supply and logistics services for oil, gas and other operations in the Western Gulf of Mexico and the onshore EagleFord Shale basin.

Canyon’s Harbor Island site includes the following important features:

  • 219 acre facility located on the ship channel, ¼ mile from blue water
  • Corpus Christi ship channel currently dredged to 45’ with plans to increase to 52’
  • 165 acre highly stabilized yard with skids constructed by Brown & Root for very heavy loads
  • 3,700’ of bulkhead
  • 1,350’ X 500’ wet slip (approx. 675,000 sq. ft. or 15.5 acres)
  • Additional property available for laydown or future expansion


Canyon Port was formed in 2009 to secure and develop a strategically located 219 acre, deep-water site into a world-class private energy port complex. The site is ideally located to support oil and gas production in the deep-water canyon of the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the facility provides material handling, stevedoring, laydown storage and other support to the broad range of cargos making port in the area.

Canyon has completed a comprehensive renovation of the facility. Renovations made to the waterfront include extensive bulkhead repairs with an enhanced new whaler system, new fender bumper system, bulkhead cap repair/replacement, sheet pile reinforcement and enhanced mooring. Land based improvements consist of repair/replacement of site drainage system, additional site stabilization, repurposing of existing warehouses, complete renovation of all buildings on site, and upgrade of onsite utilities including main water supply lines and underground power.

In August of 2014 Canyon Port – Harbor Island formed Canyon Frac LLC to provide barge transloading of frac sand bound for the EagleFord basin. Sand storage began in September with truck terminal operations commencing in October. In addition to dry sand operations, market demand for a drying facility to process wet sand in the area is high. Canyon Port is ideally situated to service this demand.